AppsOnRails is the creation of Antonio, Maria Chiara and Francesco transformed into an app.
Barappo is a tool, marketplace, social network and above all, a way to connect interests, needs and improve peoples lives. It is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to swap objects or give away things he or she no longer uses, helping his or her neighbours or friends with a simple exchange.
Often giving away objects that are no longer used can be a hassle: selling them is a solution but you have to write your ad, bargain, conclude the transaction and sometimes handle the buyers complaints or worse, fraud. All this, most of the time, for less money.
Instead, many would be willing to give or exchange items with others that might be useful, as if they were young when they swapped toys: swapping is a simple gesture that is good for saving money, saving space, helping neighbours and good for the environment.
Available only on invitation.